Understanding the Power of your Data

Depending on your requirements, we have the ability, capability and facility to work separately or as part of your team. We specialise in Data Enablement, Analytics, Insights and Reporting and Performance. We use your existing data, architecture, and performance expectations and make it work for you, and we can also offer an end to end service tailored to your requirements.



Data Enablement

Access and Assess

Most organisations have disparate data stored in various formats. This can often lead to unreliable and inconsistent appraisals of the business - which can, at the very least, result in miscommunications, and at worst, bad decision making based on information being viewed incorrectly. Working with your existing data architecture, we evaluate your business requirements and build or customise a road map encompassing automated real-time data pipelines, with real-time data marts for self service analytics under your control.



Pick and Choose

We are experts in finding, interpreting and communicating your data – what it means and how it can be understood in a business context. We use advanced analytics, self-serve analytics and machine learning to spot trends, patterns and outliers and enable key decision making at a business level. Our team ensures that you end up with a truly digitally connected organisation, which allows for a more streamlined workflow, and enhanced productivity.


Insights and Reporting

Show and Tell

We apply our analytics to the data and uncover the information which leads to the business story, whether it is perhaps balancing the cost-per-sales, or understanding customer motives and perceptions, or engaging and leveraging the customer base. Whatever the need, by collating the data from sources across the business and presenting the information, it enables the strategic decision making process.



Search and Sort

We offer thorough, unbiased and cost effective advice on a company’s software and performance issues. Our team assesses how your system is performing - the maintenance warrantee may have run out, the software may be old, or doesn’t adhere to expectations. We find the bottlenecks or blockages, identify if the software could benefit from areas of improvement, or indeed if it is your hardware that is causing the problems. If it’s a hardware issue we can recommend options.


Bespoke Software

Make and Measure

If your organisations’ software has started acting a little sluggish, our team will advise on what to do. Perhaps it is performing to the best of its abilities, but it could benefit from additional modules. Or maybe you need an alternative to automate elements of your business processes. We can align performance to KPIs and build bespoke software in order to facilitate the best fit and ensure that your investment is returning value.