Experience, Innovation, Implementation, Working for You

The ei² team is a niche consultancy who best works in big companies and small to medium enterprises. Our Team have many years’ experience in software – from Data Analysis, Insights and Reporting, Performance and Systems/Data Integration, Business Intelligence, Development, Solutions Design, Quality Assurance and Testing. We have worked in a wide variety of industry sectors including postal and media licencing, investment banking, telecommunications, travel, defence, manufacturing, retail, finance, HR, Legal, Housing, Pharmaceutical and Education.


What We Do

Giving you the power to connect the dots


Data is central to all organisations big and small, but making sense of it can be a real headache. We know that making the right decision at the right time is crucial for the growth of the business. ei² is a UK based niche consultancy that provides a full suite of data, analytics and performance related services which enhance your ability to report, utilising business intelligence, insights and performance tailored to your company’s needs. We use your existing data, architecture, and performance expectations and make it work for you, and we can also offer an end to end service tailored to your requirements.

Our Values

No hidden jargon, just speaking your language


Our consultants come from a variety of business backgrounds. Most of us have run our own teams. We have seen and overcome different data and performance challenges and have the ability to view things less like software geeks and more like business managers. We not only solve the problem, but improve the situation. All of us believe in data quality, process efficiency and maximum performance. Because every situation is different, we believe in providing innovative solutions to unique problems.

Our Approach

Bridging the Gap


Based in the UK, we go beyond a purely analytical approach to your business – in the real world data comes from different sources, tools and formats, and may not therefore cater to your full requirements. We work with business stakeholders and position ourselves as data-process-delivery architects between the business and development teams, bridging the gap, speaking both languages and ensuring that your data works for you.