One of our UK clients faced a challenge – it needed to enable the bespoke in-house software to be accessible to its newly bought French company. Corporate travel expense management and insight has very complex data, especially when it involves international travel and a diverse portfolio of end users. Different governance departments needed bespoke views of the data, with the added complication of multi lingual reports due to legal requirements.


Technical Design, Data Architecture, Software re-design and Culture Aware UI design.

We designed and implemented a reporting platform that could be easily customised in English and French. The software was re-modelled to be dynamically configurable for all reports and data entry. No matter which country office they were in, the logged in users had self serve flexibility and could collaborate and corroborate data, customizing it on demand. This not only allowed a multi dimensional functionality , but an analysis of where money was spent and where savings could be made.


The Client had been very happy with the existing bespoke in-house software but needed to extend it to allow it to be dual language. By adding in a bespoke module which enabled them to have that capability, it saved the enormous cost of implementing a whole new software system at a time when the company structure was undergoing change. Additional benefits included enhanced and accurate expense visibility for governance and trend analysis.