Our Client’s business was expanding rapidly and reached a critical point where they began to lose orders because their in house software could not load the customer orders fast enough. Being an international business, the order loading process was critical to the sales and supply chain. At the time of approaching us, the platform performance at times equated to 70% loss of business in an ordering cycle.


Business Process Analysis, Technical Design, Architectural Remodelling, and In House Team Mentoring.

We investigated the performance issues in the Client’s software, undergoing a thorough business process analysis. A technical analysis was done to find, architect and fix bottlenecks, keeping in line with the Client’s existing platform standards. We created a pathway for a sustainable solution based on a balance between stakeholder’s business process optimisation and the platform’s technical capability.


70% increase in platform usability and stability. This lead to a robust ordering cycle with increased sales and efficient supply chain and product warehouse management.