The client, a telecommunications provider, was undergoing a SIM migration programme which was forecast to take 2 years, but in which there was no tracking in place for the provision of the information needed at executive level. Management had no tangible way of accessing and tracking the progress of the SIM migration, and if, when and why there were any blockages across all channels of sales and upgrades.


Technical Leadership, Data Analysis, Transformation and Aggregation, Dashboard Reporting and Delivery over a multi- year programme.

ei² implemented a full end to end solution which tracked the sales and upgrades of various customer journeys and provided an insight into how the SIM migration programme was performing for them. In capturing the business requirements and delivering aggregate data through end to end reports, we were able to slice the data into multiple dimensions and give the client full visibility of the performance of the programme.


Rather than the Executive being blind to the actual programme performance, our end to end tracking through a bespoke dashboard meant that they could deal with any issues from sales to upgrades across various channels, in order to keep the programme on track as forecasted. An added benefit was that the dashboard then became an integral part of giving meaningful insights on customer behaviour through the diagnostics analytics that it processed.