One of our engineering clients needed to understand the discipline and sectors for potential clients who became actual clients, and the contributing factors for that transition. This would enable them to understand and address the journey from potential to actual client.

Their second challenge was that they had no means of tracking the cashflow of their current client base on a month on month basis. All they had were various spreadsheets with a high risk of manual errors and updates.


Technical Leadership, Bespoke Software to manage Cashflow, Data Design and Reporting.

We implemented an end to end solution, creating a bespoke software development package to track prospective customer management and the cash flow system. We designed the back end database, front end user friendly CRM system and back office cashflow system. Executive Reports pertaining to the various clients and their cash flow position along with insights into a client’s journey from prospect to a fully fledged client was also undertaken. Documentation and full knowledge transfer of the entire software to the BAU team was done at the end.


Our client was able to address potential clients with a full knowledge of their strengths and weaknesses through making use of a full CRM software bespoke to the customers need, an in-house database of all prospects, and cash flow management. As a result our Client was able to offer a more personalised business solution to their clients.